REthink Living Diligently

Starting the day with a prayer 

The power of gratitude is immeasurably important and a critical part of cultivating success.  In life, it seems it is very easy to remember to ask for things in prayer.  As God answers prayer… diligently pressing pause long enough to say Thank You, in gratitude, can be harder to remember in our busy lives. One of the greatest gifts we are given in life is perspective. As we mature, this often evolves into the recognition of the importance of gratitude. 


At REthink Development, every day starts with heartfelt prayer.  Every day we take inventory of all of the blessings we have received.  Many of these are elements of life that we asked for and were granted.  All of them are worthy of a Thank You. 


Celebrating Victories as a TEAM

Before getting into the ‘business of the week’, we have committed to having a quick but powerful roundtable discussion of all of the things that are worthy of celebrating in our business from the previous week.  This is yet another (albeit indirect) way of exploring gratitude.  Life is not always rainbows and unicorns, however, even adversity provides us opportunities to grow, opportunities to stand out, opportunities to make an impact in other’s lives. At times we are speaking of successful closings, or highly publicized compliments, referrals to a client’s loved one and/or effective listing appointments and everything in between.


The age-old recognition that ‘Attitude is Everything’ is one that is worthy of passing on. Further, it is humility that allows us to be empathetic towards others. A humble, loving, empathetic and grateful heart is one that culminates into a positive, impactful and meaningful attitude. This is what gets translated into a genuinely meaningful client relationship. When you are in need of a set-apart experience in real estate, REthink Development is committed to diligently answer the call.

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